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Copaiba is Great

I use Copaiba daily it supports so many of our systems – cardiovascular, digestive, immune, nervous, & respiratory…and it adds a touch of antioxidant protection…What more can we ask for in a natural product? It is indeed a gift from God.

Copaiba essential oil is derived from the resin of the copaiba tree which can grow upwards of more than 100 feet and can be found in tropical South America. Copaiba oil is widely used in cosmetic products including soaps, creams, lotions, and perfumes. Since the 16th century, copaiba essential oil has been utilized in traditional health practices by the natives of north and northeastern Brazil. Similar to Black Pepper essential oil, Copaiba can help soothe anxious feelings and it can be applied to the skin to promote a clear, smooth complexion. Taken internally, Copaiba essential oil supports the health of the cardiovascular, immune, digestive, nervous, and respiratory systems.* Although Copaiba does not contain psychoactive cannabinoids,

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